If you had $1k, $2k, $3k etc available

Given the premise that you have a good sounding system with which you are very pleased, what would you add that you do not already have.

This is not for upgrading current equipment or software (recordings, services), it is a “what do you not own but would like to…”

It may be a turntable/arm/cartridge, power conditioner…something not currently in your system. Any thoughts or dreams?

A non shared space and a comfy listening chair. $500k?


This it is…

Do y’all have in mind a specific chair. There is a store locally that sells custom designed orthopedically sound chairs at around $3k+.

Space is $500k? That could be daunting.

A custom built dedicated listening room.

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For me…not sure…and was open to ideas. I consider but do not move forward on a turntable. I think about a separate system with small sized speakers and a PrimaLuna integrated amp with streamer/dac/server combination. I doubt that my schedule would permit me to just sit and listen.

Space is not lacking, but it is not optimally arranged.

Power reconditioner?

That is a great and more viable option for many/most, I would assume. During these times with uncertain returns to work, that is an important/sole option.

Behind my question, however, was “specifically, what would you buy” for those who do not need to be fiscally conservative. It would apply to those who have appreciable surplus funds.

If you are on this forum, you are already well into “wants” rather than “needs.” Given that we are talking of wants: a portable Roon endpoint/DAC/headphone amp for outdoors headphone listening. I know about the Chord offerings, but they’ve had too many bad reliability reports, so I’m still looking.

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Regenerated power like a PSAUDIO power plant p12 maybe

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My wife and I are also retired with a secure future and treat ourselves not only to the things we need but the things we want. Life is short, so enjoy it while you can.


I was considering along similar lines as you, an outdoor device(s) for Roon in the yard/pool area. That, for me, could be done with the new SONOS portable, but like you, I am still looking. It would be difficult here to wear headphones, brain temperature would soar. We have two seasons: Winter and July.

Their P3 Power Plant is on sale right now.

I too recurrently weigh the Power Plant 3. I have some stock piled audio gear that could be traded (will not ever be used) which came from too many surround channels in the home theater. I know someone who has one and is pleased.

Maybe the P12?

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As the P3 went on sale, they seem to have removed trade-in options. Not essential, but I seem to recall that trade-ins were allowed in the past.

Yeah, I noticed that too but it still says ‘Trade In and Save’ (in green) at the bottom of the page.

Surplus funds can be donated to the Red Cross, or World Vision. That’s what I do every time I convince myself I can afford a pair of Klipsch Forte III speakers. I’d swear it makes my music sound better.


Oh Jim so sorry to hear that.

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It does say “Just click the green Trade In and Save button above these words to take advantage.” but seems to list a new price (discount) but not where to apply (or find) a trade value.

But that was not what we were discussing: what would you buy ? And for you and me, it could be a power conditioner.

I thought Audioquest had a new one as well.

I downsized my hifi, even though it was all second hand I was too occupied by the next addition rather than just listening to music. Much easier, I gave myself one target to get some good second hand headphones and after that the money goes to my kids and other good causes :slight_smile:.
Saves a shed load of thinking and pining for the hifi fiords.


You surely had an adventurous life. I loved drag racing and miss the days when it was less sponsor driven.