Ifi bluetooth streamer

With ifi audio releasing a bluetooth streamer would it then be possible to stream roon with bluetooth from a pc or mac to ifi’s new bluetooth streamer? the streamer then outputs a digital or analogue signal accordingly. this is not something i want to do but just curious if it would work.

You would effectively be streaming to the PC or Mac. How that then deals with Bluetooth is down to its operating system. If you stream direct from the core, you are using RAAT to the on board chipset which then handles Bluetooth.

Are you referring to the iFi Aurora?

If so, and if what you want is a Roon-ready streaming device with bluetooth capabilities, then something like the Bluesound Node 2i might be more suitable (for about half the price).

The Aurora does have a USB port. It is marked “host”, not “device”, which may mean it only is meant for memory sticks or low-power hard drives. But if it supports a connection to an iOS device, and if it has suitable noise reduction circuits for iOS music playback, then perhaps you could create a compact all-in-one (plus one) Roon endpoint that way.

It looks like an Edsel of audio products to me. Interesting, innovative, but ugly.

This I think