iFi DAC upgrade with MQA Tech Note

(Chris ) #1

Tech people may find this iFi Tech note interesting.

(Sean) #2

I don’t really have any strong feelings but here is a great post by @jussi_laako also:

"looked from two extremes, both Chord talking about transient accuracy with extremely long filters and MQA talking about transient accuracy with extremely short filters are both right in a way, but only looking at things from one point of view while ignoring others. As usual in life, truth is somewhere between the extremes…"


I have the new iFi Pro iDSD by the way and have had Chord DACs - all sound fantastic.

And in the big picture, we shouldn’t forget there are other things that influence the sound/performance of a DAC, like the analogue output and power supply section designs. See the below great post from the well respected, late Charles Hansen of Ayre Acoustics:


(Peter Hafkamp) #3

Since the new GTO filter is running on the Xmos chip,does that mean its only available using the USB input of my micro iDSD bl ?