iFi iDSD and DSD512 on Linux via ALSA - Roon Settings shows red for DSD512

Hi @brian

I have my iFi iDSD connected directly to my sonicTransporter via USB.

Up-sampling to DSD512 is working fine (according to the attached signal path) but in Roon Settings support for DSD512 is shown as “red”, which according to the “More info” explanation means there’s a conversion for the DSD512 rate.

DSD playback is set as “Native DSD”

Have you seen this before? Is it a Roon Settings bug?


Yeah, probably just in that display. Thanks for letting us know.

No worries ! Happy to help.

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Hi @dabassgoesboomboom ---- Just wanted to follow up with you here, to confirm that the observations you have made is indeed just a display issue and that a fix has been put into place which is pending on our next release :sunglasses:


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Too easy Eric, happy to help