iFi iDSD Dac and a hard adapter

Hi iFI iDSD owners out there

Just wondering if any of you have a Jitterbug lying around and can test if the Jitterbug female end fits directly into the iDSD male USB port.

If it fits nicely and works well, could you post a photo, if that’s not asking too much :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of getting an iDSD and if the Jitterbug fits in there, it could be a really nice short adapter to any PC or USB hub port… No audiophile cables to worry about and the build quality of the Jitterbug is significantly better than the cheap hard adapters out there.

Much appreciated in advance

No, it does not fit - the Jitterbug body is too large to fit into the hole in the iDSD.

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I find the iSilencer3.0 superior to the JitterBug. There is also the iPurifier. The iPurifier can go directly to your iDSD.

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Thanks for checking John! Appreciated.

That would have been nice - a quality hard adapter between any female USB type A port (REGEN, microRendu, SoTM, etc etc) and the iDSD USB port.

Hi @Tech_Whisky_Lab the iPurifier2 fits but needs another adapter or cable to work with a female USB type A

I’m looking for a single hard adapter solution to the iDSD, preferably not the cheap ones on eBay but I don’t think a well built one exists.

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Ah! Go it.


Changed the thread title, in case someone knows of a working solution now I know the Jitterbug doesn’t work