iFi iPower for Netgear GS108?

My Rev B Nucleus, powered by a Small Green Computer LPS, is connected by WireWorld Ethernet cable to a Netgear GS108v4 switch. I just found an iFi 12v iPower audio power supply in my closet…it’s not a linear power supply but it is well regarded as an alternative to switching OEM wall warts generally. Has anyone had any experience with this device and Netgear switches? Will it do any harm? Thanks!

I have Netgear 108 switch with iFi 12v for a year now. Still good.

The best thing to do with a Netgear GS108 is to use the stock power supply but tie the outer barrel (negative) to ground. John Swenson (Main designer for UpTone Audio) did this and saw a significant reduction in noise being passed on Ethernet. He posted about it on Audiophile Style…

I recently purchased a used Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch with integrated AC power to feed the Allo DigiOne Signature endpoint, which replaced a GS108 with iFi 12v SMPS shunted to ground per John Swenson.

This is an audible step up for very few dollars.

Hi Brad
How you do that? Thanks


Use these to ‘intercept’ the connection without modifying either end allowing easy access to tie the negative to ground.

What about this one? Thanks

I just tried connecting my lps to my netgear gs308 switch. Not sure I can hear a difference. Well, if there is a difference, it was not as pronounced as an LPS to my NUC. What differences in sound did u guys hear by connecting an LPS to a switch?

Ethernet is not grounded. To do so would violate the spec. The link I posted is to ground the negative output of power supply creating a path to ground for noise.

Ethernet uses differential signaling to cancel common noise. Home environments really don’t need shielded Ethernet unlike industrial environments that can have known high levels of EMI, though you may prefer how it potentially changes the sound. Grounding the outermost shield would be a great way to create a ground loop but won’t hurt anything.

Thanks Larry.

I’ve just swapped-out the SMPS supplied with my GS105, with a Medical-Grade SMPS:

A DEFINITE improvement! :grinning: