Ifi nano iDSD not showing connected to Android Phone

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Ifi nano iDSD BL usb to OnePlus 5 Android phone

Description Of Issue
Roon does not recognize the attached DAC to my phone. Is this standard for Roon does it not support usb dac on Android? Same DAC works for all other apps on the phone, I just get system audio for Roon.

Native USB support for Android with DACs is spotty, imho. Just like putting a streamer in front of the DAC, Roon will see the phone not the DAC downstream. After all, you are still sending all audio streams through the Android OS mixer which resamples everything down.

If you want high resolution USB playback on an Android device the best way is to use USB Audio Player PRO for the task. Have used it with various Dragonfly’s to great effect.

I did see they are working on changes to Android audio, hopefully this will sort this out. Shame as all the apps on my phone can utilise it except Roon which just outputs via headphones

Hi @CrystalGipsy,

As you noted we have some work in progress in regards to Android audio which should help with this issue, but I can’t comment on a timeline of when this will be completed.

Can you check to see if there is any change in your current setup if you toggle Exclusive mode for the Android zone (in Roon)?

– Noris

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