IFI Nano not detected in Ropieee

I’ve been using a IFI Nano idsd for a long time with my Ropieee install. But it’s always been connected through a Schitt Decrapifier. I would like to connect it directly to the Pi but when I attempt this, it isn’t recognized and and doesn’t show-up in Roon. Since the Nano uses the usb input from the Pi (or whatever is upstream of it) as it’s power source, maybe that’s the problem? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

That makes sense. When I used a USB powered iFi DAC, I ran it off an iFi USB2 to get around that problem. It also, with the appropriate cable, let split me out the power and data parts of the stream

RPi -> iFi USB2 -> iFi DAC

I discovered the problem was an audiophile grade USB cable. The cable works when it’s positioned between the decrapifier and the micro. But if I use it directly between the Pi and the micro the micro doesn’t show up. I tired the USB cable that came with the Micro and it works fine. It’s always something… Thanks for the response Slim.

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