iFi Pro iDSD Roon Ready?

Anyone has any update of its MQA compatibility? I saw in a thread here to say that the MQA is only in the beta version firmware.

Best to get all info direct from the horse’s mouth:


Thanks for the link.

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I visited the official thread at head-fi.
iFi claimed that the Pro iDSD is current not fully noon ready.


I was ready to pull the trigger and purchase a Pro iDSD, but I have trust issues. I just purchased a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ instead. It will be here in a few days. I’ll be selling my Mytek Liberty a few days after the DAC+ is up and running.

Hi Vincent,

Unfortunately, the Pro iDSD is not Roon Ready at this moment in time. We are however currently working towards being Roon Tested.

I hope this answers your question, if you have any others please don’t hesitate to head over to our Support Ticket System and open a ticket with us!

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Thanks for the reply Jake. Since the device isn’t Roon Ready, I purchased a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ instead. Maybe next year when I swap out, iFi will have Roon Ready products.

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DAC+ is not Roon Ready ,The Brooklyn bridge is Roon Ready.

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Mytec Brooklyn DAC+ is listed on Roon Partner site as tested.

DAC+ which I own and am listening to right now requires an endpoint, something like a Sonore microRendu or ultraRendu, or any of the other endpoints thoroughly discussed in the forums. I am using an ultraRendu and it sounds awesome.


Hi All,

We’re currently working on a solution to get the Pro iDSD to work as if Roon Ready to allow for MQA & Gapless on Roon over Network.

Stay Tuned.

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Will see your product and rep at a show in ATL tomorrow. Hope they are up todate.

Also hope you mean Roon Ready and not simply Roon Tested. Screwed up on a purchase of a “tested” product and the limitations are frustrating. Roon is a great experience and having it does influence our purchase decisions.

Hi Jeff,

I hope you had a great time. Did you see one of our members of staff?

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It’s a DAC so it won’t be Roon Ready as it does not deal with RAAT. It will be Roon tested.

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Thank you for asking! Yes to all. I was impressed that you had given your
folks a heads up I would be there and was personally greeted! Bravo!

I did not audition your product knowing roon was coming. I will be auditioning it when done. Your DAC is on my short list to hear before I buy!

Sorry if my description of the product stated it was only a DAC and excluded it’s other attributes. It is a streaming DAC and headphone amplifier. Other similar products capture “Roon Ready” I believe?

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Yep maybe my bad I assumed it was just a DAC . Looks to be pretty pimped.

Pimped, yes.

Great? TBD. Local shop has it but until I see Roon Ready not sure. Already have a roon tested product which is problematic.

iFi folks are good. I want to like it.

I agree with others here. If you are not using Roon’s SDK and RAAT protocol, your solution is not acceptable for a $2.5k product; there are so many competing products out there that are doing things properly.

I don’t know if Roon Labs charges OEMs for using their SDK, but I seriously doubt it since it’s in their best interest to grow their support base. Please work with Roon Labs to create a proper Roon Ready solution.


100% David. Been begging for this too. The iFi Bridge is a worthless hack for anyone who wants the Pro iDSD to function as a stand alone Roon Ready streamer DAC. Please, Jake and iFi, no more hacks. Genuine Roon Ready ASAP. And if there is no plan for Roon Ready, please communicate this clearly.

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