iFi Zen DAC -> Unidentfield Device

Goodmorning everyone,

I recently bought the iFi Zen Dac (with ifi external power supply) I would like to know a couple of things if possible:

  • is it normal that the device is not recognized and that I don’t even find it in the identification (look at the image below)?
  • is it correct how I set it?
  • do you have any other tips to improve it?

Only fully Roon tested DACs get identified with artwork. Its nothing to worry about. The manufacturer has to submit the DAC to Roon and it has to pass certain criteria to get certified. It does not mean your DAC is not working as it should. There are lots of DACs that are unidentified and work fine.


thank you, do you think the settings are correct?

The settings you show are personal preference settings personally I avoid upsampling as it’s just not worth it and makes very little difference to any of my dacs. But you should be applying some Headroom management to prevent any clipping with using any DSP unless you using volume levelling. As long as it’s giving you the max sample rates the DAC supports then you ok.

Your Device Setup settings are fine.

re: DSP - If you’re going to upsample, the chipset used by the iFi DAC family typically measures best at the highest DSD rate you can achieve reliably. I use DSD512 (in your case, DSD256) and Precise / Linear, 5th order CLANS. Give it a try.