Ifi Zen Streamer or Mac mini M2 Sound Quality?

I currently use a iMac M1 with an Ethernet connection as my Roon core. The iMac is located in an office and music is streamed to my living room with a (wifi) IFi Zen Streamer via a Schitt Bifrost 2/64 with usb unison.

If I were to move my internet connection to the living and use a Mac mini M2 (Ethernet) to my Bifrost 2/64 via USB unison, would this combination give me better sound quality over using the Zen Streamer via wifi.

Without trying this I’m thinking that a direct connection to the computer with usb unison should give me better sound.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


At best, sound quality will be the same. But I’d expect it to be a little worse. The iFi ZEN Stream is a purpose-built audio component. Your Mac mini is not.

If you are having issues with Wi-Fi, why not run an Ethernet cable for the ZEN Stream?

Although iFi isn’t a super-good purpose-built component, since the digital to analog conversion is occurring in your Bifrost, no, there will be absolutely no difference in sound quality. Although I have heard that some Macs sometimes stutter on their USB outputs.