Ignore albums or artists

Hi, I’m now a dad at home but I used to record/mix music for a living so I have quite a few albums that my clients gave me which I worked on.
I keep them because it’s nice every now and then to check my previous work but in everyday life I do not want to hear those since I’ve worked on them and it feels weird listening to them outside of work.

Is there any way to ignore these albums in the roon radio selection? I know I can hide them but I’d rather still be able to see them in my collection, I just don’t want them to be chosen by roon radio.


Try the double Heart Fav from Albums view, it should set the album to Not Play, but if that doesn’t work via Roon Radio, you could always move them to a special folder and then set that folder in the ignore path, to basically make them disappear vs hide album.

Thank you very much I’ll give that a try. I didn’t remember about that feature, I don’t really use the favorite either, maybe I should start. What’s the benefit of making an album a favorite?

Favourites have three states;
Favourite - heart filled in
Not Favourite - heart outline (default)
Do Not Play - heart outline with a cross through it

You can toggle through these states by repeatedly tapping on the heart icon

My post wasn’t correct.
See this link to Roon Knowledge Base

Just an easy way to find them, click on the heart in a browser.
I use it a lot.

But today I was taking a nap with my favorites shuffling, and suddenly Jimi Hendrix woke me up. I unfavorited him, I certainly remember him and can find him if I want to.