Ignore bracketed text when identifying albums

I have approx 4300 albums left in my collection that have not been identified by Roon. Having now been through the process of manually identifying a good number to get to 4300 I’ve found the mismatch is often because I have [text entered in brackets after the album name]. The text is often times denoting a remaster, special edition, high resolution or MOFI release. Most of the time all it takes to match the album is for me to remove the brackets and their contents before initiating a search in Roon. @brian, would it be possible to enhance the matching code to try without the stuff in brackets in the event there’s not an immediate match?

@jeremiah, I thought we already did normalize this sort of thing out of the strings.

Maybe it’s not being done in “wrong album” search? Any other thoughts?

We do and have always normalized bracket suffixes off of album title strings before doing automatic matching. We don’t normalize it out of user input in Wrong Album.

I’m not able to make an album not identify by adding a bracket suffix to the album title tags or the folder name. @audiomuze Can you give a specific example of something that did not automatically identify but did subsequently when you removed the suffix? If you can provide the media in the “before” state I’ll be able to track down the problem.

@jeremiah, will do in the morning, thanks.


kind of related

Artist = Weather Report + Album = 8:30 yields no results.
Artist = Weather Report + Album = yields result including 8:30

How do you therefore handle characters like : in the lookup ?


Perfect match to one of the 5 versions

I find that this happens often as well. I have a good, 400+ albums that have [Album Specific Info] in the brackets. I have found that many times roon will not match the album because the track song times do not match. But some times that is not the case at all, and I manual search for the album and find that all the song times match and it just seems that maybe roon is looking at the files name not the tags for song names? I am not sure, I am assuming that you are using regex to match, maybe the query has got a problem in it?

But I find that the idea of matching the exact copy of an album in my library seems to almost never be right anyway. I generally pick one that has the track order in the right place, even if it is not the exact version of the CD I have.

Hi @jeremiah
PM sent with example.

In the cases I’ve looked at, the albums with bracketed text which fail to automatically identify do so for a reason other than the bracketed text. I think we handle the ignoring the brackets perfectly well in automatic identification.

In the Wrong Album wizard, on the other hand, we need to do some additional string normalization. At present we don’t find any results when the search string has brackets or punctuation. We have a ticket open to work on this. Thanks for the report.