Ignored Paths - Not working?

sorry to bump this old thread, but I can’t get the “ignored paths” function to work. Say my music is in a folder called MUSIC and it has a subfolder called 123IGNORE, I placed in the “ingored paths” all combations for this location (including C:\MUSIC\123IGNORE), but no matter what, those tracks get scanned anyway. Other than finally moving that folder to another location (not ideal), what can I do and am I doing wrong?

This is the default folder exclusion list, though I might have added “@Recycle/“ myself (I think it redundant these days).

\tmp; \temp; .; .pmbmf; @Recycle\

Given your example, this is what I would use …

\tmp; \temp; .; .pmbmf; @Recycle; 123IGNORE\

it doesn’t seem to work, the actual folder name is “1 SACD - DVD-A - BR-A [MULTI-CHANNEL]”. I tried using quotes but it didn’t change a thing

edit: yep, doesn’t like spaces. Renamed to “_MULTI-CHANNEL” and it worked

I’ll drop a tag for @support so they are aware.


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