iHeartRadio or American Top 40

Is there any possibilities to include iHeartRadio channels? If not, just American Top 40 will be great.

Willing to do but for some reason I cannot get the streams playing here in Netherlands, Europe.

@Radio Curators: Please check from the USA

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Gary, I know it’s been a while since you posted this. I also wanted this but learned from another thread that the AT40 stream doesn’t work. HOWEVER, I was able to work around it. This isn’t exactly a Roon thing since I had to go outside of Roon to do this, but I’ll post it here in case it comes in handy.

This is the stream for AT40: https://stream.revma.ihrhls.com/zc6545

I used a console program called “mpv” that I installed on my Roon Core to play the stream and it works great. I got the stream URL by using a Perl module that was on CPAN. That is way outside the realm of stuff I want to discuss on the Roon board, but if you’re a Perl programmer than check it out. I hope this gives you what you need to hear Casey Kasem over your hi-fi system!

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Thanks, Mike. Unfortunately, it can’t be integrated into Roon Live Radio. At the moment, I just use iheartradio app and chromecast to my stereo. It’s easier this way, for now. Hopefully, one day, we can listen to all iHeartRadio channels in Roon.

iHeart is a station agglomerator like Tunein and as such, we don’t add it. However I can add (or attempt to) individual radio stations.

AT40 itself though is a syndicated broadcast and while I could, I’m unsure whether we should add that. I think not.

Ryan Seacrest’s show is broadcast on KIIS FM (with commercials) and as a standard commercial station I have added it (US only).