IKEA Symfonisk can’t be grouped

Synology DS418play, Roon Server 2018-03-17)

Roon remote app won’t allow to group IKEA Symfonisk with Sonos speakers. Get a message that only only Airplay can be grouped with Airplay, RAAT with RAAT .

Symfonisk shows up as a Sonos streaming speaker, setup through the Sonos app and can be grouped with other Sonos speakers, but Roon won’t allow it to be grouped.

Tried disconnecting and reconnecting, still nothing

In Roon, you can enable the Symfonisk as Sonos streaming or Airplay. Most Sonos speakers can as well (older types only do Sonos streaming). In your case you probably have enabled one for Airplay and the other for Sonos streaming, making them incompatible for grouping.

If you just enable your speakers for Sonos streaming, they will work just fine as a group:

(Living Room = Sonos Play:5 (pair) + Sub; Home Office = Symfonisk Book (pair); Master Bedroom = Sonos Move)

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