"Il Quattro Stagione" :rolleyes:

“Le Quattro Stagioni” (as in Album Title) is correct, “Il Quattro Stagione” (as in Composition title)… :roll_eyes:

also… would be nice to have, instead of all 12 movements grouped as a single composition, the canonical Four compositions: “Primavera”, “Estate”, “Autunno” and “Inverno”

thanks :wink:

Good catch about “Il Quattro.”

“Stagione” too, being singular (“stagione=season” instead of “stagioni=seasons”), is wrong :wink:

oh… btw… just noticed also “Concerto Il riposo, concerto per il Santissimo Natale” is wrong

should be “Concerto Il Riposo per il Santissimo Natale” or, even better for consistency with everything else: “Concerto for violin, strings & continuo in E major (“Il Riposo per il Santissimo Natale”), RV 270”

yes this is wrong, and seems to have been neglected since 2015.
anyone in the @support?

actually, the separate concertos do exist in roon metadata, and as in general roon is not really consisten when treating compositions that comprehend parts that are normally played as single compositions (see the many chopin etudes, and so on…)

Hi @Niccolo_Terzi,

Joel discusses this more in this post, I definitely recommend giving this a read:

We appreciate the feedback.