I'm begging for support for weeks now and no one from roon reaches out or responds

Roon Core Machine

This suppport is an absolute joke. I am on a trial and have been begging for help to get set up and download a core on my mac and no one ever responds. I’m actually disgusted with the worst support for a service in my entire life, internet or otherwise. honestly think I HATE ROON.

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You appear to have only posted twice, the previous time was in July 2019. I don’t know where you’ve been begging for help, but it wasn’t here in the #support category of the forum - which is the only route for support from Roon Labs.

We’d love to help, but I think you need to fill out the template in your post so that the Support team have something to go on…


I had a peek at your earlier post.
Have you followed the setup instructions provided there?
I see you have a WXC-50 as do I.
This will work as a Roon endpoint via Airplay.
I’m happy to try and help but we’ll need some more information such as what steps you’ve taken so far.

Have you logged into Tidal via settings>services in Roon?
Have you enabled the WXC-50 in settings>audio in Roon?

Ok, not sure what happened to my prior recent posts requesting help. But I do appreciate you responding. I as you know have been dying to get ROON AND use it for a few years now but always run into technical challenges that overwhelm me. So, now I’m wanting to try again. With this in mind I bought some audiophile pieces that are ROON Ready. The Project dac rs2 and the stream box stream box s2 ultra. I have them connected via a usb a to usb B cable and I connected an external hard drive with my 1500 or so cds burned on it via FLAC. I tried for hours to download roon core software on both my new mac and pc laptop. I have no idea what I’m doing. I desperately need help trying to get up and running. Can you please explain to me all the steps I need to take in the proper sequence to get roon to recognize the music on my hard drive etc…
I’m lost otherwise. Normally in these circumstances where my technical knowledge is lacking I would call customer service and they would help me. But roon doesn’t offer this and frankly it took sooooooo long just to figure out how to post my request for help.
I’ve already studied all the links provided to get help in the threads and community but I’m still lost. I’ve spoken to Project and they have said that I need to reach out to you because this is roon software etc…
Please have mercy on me and help. Thanks, Jason Nales

Hi @jason_nales

To be clear: I don’t work for Roon nor am I a forum moderator. I’m just a fellow Roon user but I’ll try and help you.
Here’s a quick summary of what we need to do:

  • Set up a Roon “core”. This is the Roon software running on your computer.
  • Set up your Roon “endpoint”. The Project gear.
  • Configure Roon to “see” the music files on your hard drive and to communicate with your endpoint.

Let’s start with the Core.
You’ll need to decide which computer you will use as your Roon core and be sure it meets the minimum requirements to run Roon.
You referred to your Mac as new so I assume this is the more powerful computer and therefore
the better choice.
What Mac (model and year) do you have?
Do you know what version of MacOS it is using?
(I can help you figure these things out if need be)

It is recommended you connect the computer running your Roon Core to your internet router using an Ethernet cable. Can you do this?

Once we’ve determined which computer you’re going to use for your Roon Core, that it meets the requirements, and whether you are connected to the internet via Ethernet cable or wifi, we’ll move on to the install of Roon.


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