I'm completely sold on MQA. Thank God for the Bob Stuarts of this world

(Sean) #104

No, your Chord DAC is only playing Roon’s 1st MQA unfold (core decoder).

If it was an MQA renderer you would see it here:


As I mentioned above, based on John Franks comments, I expect to see a Chord product doing the 1st unfold one day, probably in a streamer type devices like Poly, 2Go etc.


Is there a bug in Roon then? Since ‘Renderer Only’ works with my Chord DAC. ‘Decoder and Renderer’ does not work.

If it doesn’t actually render the MQA, one would think the setting ‘No MQA Suport’ would be needed.

(Sean) #106

You can select that option but if it’s not an MQA renderer it won’t do anything. You can select ‘No MQA Support’ too. Makes no difference with a Chord DAC.

But the comment “Sounds like dCs is just rendering the MQA, not actually decoding it, just like what Chord does.” isn’t correct.


It doesn’t make sense that ‘Renderer Only’ would work, if the DAC doesn’t actually render it.

(Sean) #108

I understand that you can select ‘Renderer Only’ in Roon but it’s not ‘working’- i.e. nothing is happening at the DAC end. Because there is no MQA related code in your Hugo TT (or in a Mojo, a Hugo2 or a Dave).

You don’t have to believe me either. It’s easy enough to ask Rob Watts directly.


Then Roon should make that not work since it’s not accurate.

(Peter Lie) #110

That is correct.

(Sean) #111

It’s easy enough for anyone to accurately know if a DAC is an MQA renderer (like a DragonFly).

You would see it mentioned on both the product web page and again, here:


(Peter Lie) #112

If you choose Renderer only, Roon performs the first unfold (Core “Decode”) of the raw MQA music to become MQA Core in 88.2kHz or 96kHz. In the same way that raw MQA can be played without decoding on non-MQA DAC, MQA Core can be played without rendering on non-MQA renderer DAC.

This MQA compatibility feature is similar to the case that HDCD can be played on non-HDCD CD player.


Same as the ‘No MQA Support’ setting, right?

(Sean) #114

Yep, see earlier:


Actually, there’s a subtle difference. When set to Renderer, after doing the first unfold, Roon will preserve the signaling information (which is embedded beneath the noise floor) required for rendering. If set to No MQA Support, this information is thrown away (it’s not needed by a non-MQA DAC).

(Henry) #116

If Roon “knows” your DAC it will set itself accordingly. So it’s automatic setting is “no MQA capability” or whatever phrase is used. If someone goes in and changes that setting to renderer only, Roon assumes you know what you are doing and sends the appropriate signalling to allow the DAC to render like suggested. The fact that the the Chord DAC cannot render is largely irrelevant. It will see PCM it can work with, ignore the signalling and just play the bitstream unchanged from how Roon sends it out. I can fully understand why this confuses. There is still real inconsistency between how MQA works in theory and practice which is still being refined.

(GL) #117

Hello Anders,
Don’t go away… Why don’t you write while you listen to good music?

(String ) #118

Hello dear Roon Community Fellows.

I didn’t leave because you made a fool of me, I left of the reason I wrote!
Also that I have been sick for some years now, so I must concentrate me on what and I also want to listen, really listening to music.
Don’t have it in the background when I’m discussing different things with you!
Because I can’t concentrate me on both, okey?

Thanks for that you want the fool or the funniest person in this discussion back :pray:

Thanks @Grump and @luleanu
But @DrTone didn’t make me @Anders_Strengberg the funniest person in this discussion to leave!!! Just so you know @luleanu

I love the discussion’s with you just so you know!
(But @Grump please don’t spend any time on counting how many!!! I will wrote in this article okay or any other okey!

Thanks @Yowza

But the main reason why I felt I needed some vacation is.

In August 2012 I had been sick for awhile and after different test did I the results, I had a cancer tumor! So between 2012-2016 was I fighting against the cancer.
In June 2016 could the doctors remove my tumor successfully, and I have to get trough a chemotherapy treatment for 8-10 weeks.
But I was really sick and my body’s self defense was zero!
So around December 2016 and January 2017 I started to get really sick!
In February 2017 had I going to the hospital, I had pneumonia in both my lungs and my right lung was filled with water!
What they drained 3.5 liter comes out.
But when a doctor should remove it, well she made some mistake so I got a heavy/big bleeding. After awhile they could stop it, but now was my just empty lung having a lot of blood! It’s not so good, a quick transport to a operation room only local pain stop in my right side! A knife cut between two of my ribs all the way into the lung, a kind of tool that was bending apart my ribs enough so a thick hoes got into my lung!
When they removed it so took it around 3-4 weeks before I could lay on my right side, before was it 5-10 minutes I could laying on the right side because my ribs hearted to much, they didn’t sitting on their right place, well like if you have broken any ribs so does you know!
After around spending 15 weeks at 10 different times.
So does I still have pneumonia in both my lungs, they can’t find the reason why I get these infections over and over again.
I was on a control and made a breathing test and it showed that I only had 50% of my lung capacity! So it’s not much I can do before I get hard to breathe it feels like I don’t get enough oxygen/air!
I took a lots of different blood tests and I received the answer before this weekend.
That when the body gets so many infection like I have get the last 18 months, so can it be inflammatory decease! Like Ms, Diabetes, Cancer, Rheumatism, etc, etc…Nothing especially hard sickness. But if it’s coming from inflammatory decease so is it possible to leading to totally collapse for the body, so I have to lay in a special bed and I will not be able to breathe my self! So a machine will breathe for me…If it has getting to longtime since I got this, so can some function in my brain also stop working so maybe I becomes a real fool.
Of that I have been reading so can I get demeans, losing my close memory or the longtime or it completely!
The hospital should send me a time for meeting a doctor in Rematologi!
So now you know why I feel that I want to listen to music as much as possible, one of the love of my life.

I trying to be positive and enjoy every second of my life, but it’s harder than I was fighting against the cancer, but the pneumonia have took hard on me both physical and psychological. Don’t know what the inflammatory decease, will do against me is also hard.
But I trying to be positive and laugh, because I have lived a great life.
And Now Regrets.

Take care of each other, whose that lives in a relationship or are married, make always the best you can and make your partner/wife/man happy, it’s not so difficult because we don’t nothing about the next day.

Love & Respect

(Chris) #119

Hi Anders,

I did not participate in this thread, but followed it. Your story makes heated discussions about the pros and cons of a special cable actually a little bit ridiculous indeed. I wish you all the best and that you recover soon. Music is definetly not the worst medicine.

All the best


(Sean) #120

Best wishes in overcoming your health issues @Anders_Strengberg

Looking forward to seeing many more posts from you over in this thread, the most important on this forum:



That’s terrible, @Anders_Strengberg. I’m shocked to read your story. Exclamation marks or just about anything else for that matter pale in comparison. Completely irrelevant.

Focus on the positive things and hope your family and your music are some of the things that continue to give you the inspiration and motivation to fight.

I wish you all the best and hope to continue to see you around here for many years to come!

(Jeff) #122

@Anders_Strengberg I wish you all the best dealing with your health issues. As I said in my post that is being referenced, no disrispect was meant by it.


(Chris ) #123

I am sorry to hear of your troubles and wish you well. It puts a lot of the heated discussion on these forums into perspective. I hope you can enjoy your music for many years to come and that enjoyment assists your speedy recovery. Best wishes. Chris