I'm completely sold on MQA. Thank God for the Bob Stuarts of this world

(Michael Fanning) #124

Build 334 release notes: We’ve upgraded to the latest Core Decoder library from MQA…

Anyone who likes MQA hear any difference?

cheers, Flashman

(MGXmusicUK) #125

I’ll give it a go … Thanks

(Chris ) #126

I came across this video. MQA recorded to Cassette. Enjoy…

(Armin Kern) #127

The Pro-ject is 350€

(Armin Kern) #128

have a great holiday with loads of great music :slight_smile:
I understand you. This is what holds me back to contribute more on the forum :slight_smile:#
Best Regards

(Chris ) #129

Well, yes… It’s authenticated in the Roon signal path… ohhh, that was a funny :joy:

(String ) #130

Thanks a lot my dear Roon Friends,

I wish you all not only you @Armin_Kern, a great summer and lots of great music :notes:.
It’s feeling great and helps me to recover, to get messages like this :slight_smile:.
I hope that I will be back soon and can discuss with you, I took a big step for a couple of days ago!
What I have to get in charge of my life, because the doctors don’t seem to have a clue what to do!
So I have asked a old friend (he’s a great vocal coach and now’s how to get my breathing, working as before) :+1:
I have changed my diet as well, because it’s more important than many believe, okay the doctors will not agree with my breathing training and that I have changed my diet. But they have had their chance to cure me and failed!
I’m feeling better already, but the biggest impact on my wellness is that I have decided to take back the control of my life, I’m tired of being sick!
I now that it’s a long and hard journey but I will fight, to get to the goal and get my health back!

Love & Respect

(Armin Kern) #131

Here you find an interesting video on physical media:

Wenn you look at the graphs in there, it may help to find out, what is computer audio szene related to MQA

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #132

Best wishes to feel better Anders. We can all disagree on Tidal, MQA, vertical scrolling, Qubuz, whatever, but we are with you on this one!

(String ) #133

Hi dear @James_I

Thanks for your words and you have so right, we can have different taste of music, different thoughts about music format and resolution!
Sometimes we have tuff arguments and discussion’s, but with respect for each other’s thoughts and that we have different taste and don’t have to like the same things!
That’s one Great thing with The Roon Community Fellowship.

Like your words, But We Are With You On This One!
It’s important to see and say the difference between, the things that’s really matters in our life.

To all we Roon Community Fellowship, that’s know me and all who have read some of the things I have wrote, or I been arguing with!
So does I’m feeling much better and have recovered a lot, since I took vacation from Roon! To concentrate me on getting my health back, so this is the first of many things that I will be writing about here! I must admit that I have missed The Roon Community Fellowship, but now I’m back.

Love & Respect :fist:

Anders String Strengberg