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Hi Andrew
May I know the recommended connection between upsampler and DAC?
USB or Dual AES ?

Dual AES is the only real option for the Upsampler > DAC connection.

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Hi Andrew

I have bought the upsampler and encounter some problem concerning MQA playback using dcs mosaic with tidal
I found my upsampler cannot recognise mqa format meanwhile it’s upsampling to dsdx2 which was my setup for pcm playback in dcs mosaic.
May I know how to fix it as I couldn’t find mqa pass through function in the app.

Secondly, should there be any difference sonically streaming thru dcs mosaic vs Roon?


Hello @AMP, my Network Bridge blinks and Mosaic can’t find it. Anything I can try? i have power-cycled it and tried a different Ethernet cable.

@Highfi You may want to check the dCS community for an answer, or put your question also there, for a quick reply.

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Dear Andrew, can u plz recommend some bnc cables to connect Rossini and word clock? What cables dCS usually use? )

FWIW, I use a pair of custom Cardas Parsec BNC-BNC cables, 50cm long.


I’m suddenly having an Issue that my Innous Zenith that it does not see the Rossini DAC. The menu for DAC says Network F1 off. Could this be issue. I’m running Roon, but I can’t find Rossini with either DCS app. So I can’t run Mosaic. If so, I can’t find the solution to turn it on if that’s an issue

Almost surely your Rossini is somehow not connected to the network. I assume you checked the cables and power cycled the DAC.

if you can see Rossini on the network, go to that IP address. Then go to Device Settings, and press “Reset Streaming Interface”. This might help, I don’t know for sure, I’m just an owner.

Try a hard reboot (the physical power switch on the back). While uncommon, the network board in dCS gear (they all share the same board) does eventually go to lala land. Happens about once a quarter on my Bartok…

Thanks for the reply. It was the Rossini. I hard done the power switch and no luck. I decided to use Mosaic app to conect which had not been successful but walked away for an hour. Came back and it had connected. I went to Roon app and Rossini was in the Audio Zone. There are so many moving pieces in a Network now. It’s a bit crazy.

Guessing the real issue was a network cable. Did you try moving them or anything else?

Thanks for checking in. DCS Rossini lost connection on the network. I found out through a DCS forum that the Rossini and others with same network cards(I think use all the same he said) will time out about once a quarter, so it had nothing to do with the Innous Zenith.

Hi Andrew,
I own the 3 box Vivaldi, Nucleus+
I find that when I do a selection of 1 track from one kind of a format, and the 2nd track selected is a different format, I loose out about 3 to 4 seconds of the start of the track.

If the same album plays thri from track 1 to track 6, there is no delay in playing each successive track.

Suresh Lalwani

Hi Suresh,
On Roon, click bottom lower right corner, speaker symbol…and device set-up….you should see “resync delay”…this is probably set too long…it allows a set time before playing tracks when format changes…or just set it to 0 ms.