I'm having trouble with Roon on both iOS and Android

Why do the Roon mobile Apps crash all the time? I thought it was my old iPads fault and bought a new Android tablet specifically for my Roon setup and it’s just as bad. I can’t even scroll through my library without the app crashing. For costly software like Roon this seems absolutely unacceptable. Please advise?

In my experience, it isn’t the apps that are the issue.

I’ve used both iOS and Android and they work fine as long as your core is stable and your network is strong, preferably with the core wired with Ethernet.

Upgrading my core to a NUC with ROCK and installing a better network made the apps very responsive.

I’ve seen a lot of people having issues when running Roon on a Windows computer, having a dedicated core send more stable.

What kind of tablet/OS? Doing fine here (Thinkpad server, 2 Pixels, 2 LG phones , old Chromebook Pixel). Never had a crash.

IPad app on the latest software version works without any snags, Android phone app works without fault; it might not be your remotes that have the issues you are experiencing?

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Two iPads (Mini 2nd gen and a 6 gen) and a new Samsung A8 Tablet. iPhone app is fine, tablet apps crash every few minutes. Never had a problem with the MacOS app.

I run ROCK OS, of course connected to ethernet.

I’m not aware that Roon has introduced any tablet apps yet.

It’s probably a React Native app that automatically scales. What I meant is, it crashes constantly on every tablet I own, but not on my iPhone.

Works on my iPad mini 6 and iPad gen 8 and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Used to crash on me but now it’s improved.

Roon and Roon ARC work perfectly fine on my 2020 iPhone SE. I also use my old Nokia 7.2 as a remote which runs on Android 11. And that one usually runs ok, but does occasionally crash.

I don’t have a tablet to test Roon with.

I run ROCK OS on a i5 NUC with 8gb, my library isn’t huge, everything is connected via ethernet, except the remotes, which are on wifi. The wifi can easily do everything else, like stream 4k content etc.

I really tried to isolate the problem, and it really seems to be the remote app.

What version of Roon are you running on all of your devices?

If they are all on the same version, have you tried turning everything off and re-start in order - router, Roon Core followed by your Android tablet. Does this make any difference?

Yes, although one couldn’t tell from this thread, others have iOS problems.

My Roon app either freezes when it’s in the foreground or crashes when it’s in the background. Neither all the time, but often enough to be a PITA.

I now have upgraded my Server from i5 to i7 and it’s a lot better now. Still crashes sometimes, though.

Do you really need that much power to run a lightweight Linux distribution?

Unless I’m mistaken a Roon Nucleus isn’t a powerhouse either and the standard version of it can handle libraries up to 100k tracks and power several endpoints at the same time. So your i7 should be easily able to handle running a Roon server on Linux.

I’m running Roon Server using Zorin Linux Pro on a Lenovo S530 IdeaPad. Which has a 1 tb SSD, 16 gb of RAM and a 1.8 GHz 8th gen i7 quad core CPU. And it serves ARC and my endpoints lightning fast. I only seem to have to reboot it every several days at it appears that Roon Server eats up all available RAM and the 2 gb dedicated swap space. Then stuff like Roon ARC fails to work. A quick reboot later and everything works again as it should.

I have never ever had ROCK, the Windows or macOS control app, nor an Android or iOS remote crash on me in the 2 years of Roon

I have a problem with Andoid Auto. I have installed ARC (1.50) on 2 mobile phones (Samsung and Huawei). With both smartphones I have no pictures in the album overview of the library and the loading of the album library is also very slow. Sometimes the overview doesn’t load at all. Then the phone has to be restarted.
Is there a solution to this problem?