I'm looking for Roon Ready Lan(RJ45) to i2S Board


I am looking for a Lan to i2S Board to make a DAC. Is there a DDC Board capable of Roon Ready function and able to extract i2S output? Tell us about the Roon Ready i2S Board that can replace the USB DDC.



Limited to PCM192kHz / 24 bit and DSD64 (DoP).

This is used by PS Audio (DirectStream DAC Bridge 2 ethernet interface), Ayre Acoustics and some others.

Oh Very thanks

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Hi @wklie - in the Lumin X1, is the ethernet to I2S interface (supporting PCM768kHz and DSD512) designed and built by Lumin?

Or are you using an interface made by someone else?

I’m still looking for

Thank you for your comment.

Lumin X1 is a complete in-house design.

By the way, I recall we have a Lumin U1 customer using Singxer SU-1 to output I2S.

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Ah yes, I guessed so. I’m not aware of any ‘off the shelf’ ethernet to I2S boards that support DSD512 / PCM768kHz rates.

But that is USB-to-I2S yes? I believe the OP is looking for an ethernet to I2S solution.