I'm losing faith in Roon

Figured out how to save the meta data fixes via XLD. Edit the meta data for the track in question, in this case changing artist to Grateful Dead to match rest of tracks and then hit the Transcode button.

Then when it came to Roon I was able to do it a little easier. Just opened the Edit window for the album and selected the “Re-Scan Album”. Roon fixed the album and properly filed it with all other albums by the same artist. Was pretty simple once I figured out how to re-save the meta data with XLD.

There’s a couple of metadata editing apps for OS X that you might want to check out. Metadatics and Yate are both good. I use Metadatics most of the time. No need to transcode with XLD if the files are already in the format you prefer.


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puddletag is also worth looking into.

Got metadatics. Been playing with it tonight and looks pretty cool so far. Thanks.

Thanks for the heads up on these three - I hadn’t come across any of them, although I have searched quite heavily for an osx tagger. I currently use Media Monkey on Windows and have written lots of custom scripts to remove some of the pain of tagging and maintaining consistency. I am trying to move away from Windows so this is really helpful…I’ll see how flexible they are!

If you’ve used mp3tag before you’ll be right at home in puddletag.

+1 for Metadatics and Yate. Both very powerful and well worth exploring their advanced features.

I tried all recommendations - thank you - and bought Yate. The scripting is just brilliant!

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