I'm not receiving any 1.8 marketing emails

Thanks, Kevin. I’ve checked my junk folder and no sign of any email messages from Roon. I check it regularly and I can’t remember ever having had any marketing stuff from you. I’m puzzled.

Thanks for flagging this @Philip_Gibson. I took a look at our marketing automation tool, and it seems like our list for the 1.8 email series missed a small group of customers.

I’m so sorry about that, we’ll be in your inbox tomorrow!

Brilliant. I’ll look forward to it. And thanks for your help.

I’d like to subscribe to those emails too.

I am not getting the emails either, please add me to the list.


I got email 1, but not email 2 - don’t understand why that would be the case?

Would be grateful if you could check to see if I’m still on the mailing list please.

I don’t think so at all. I think current customers are simply curious and justified in wanting to learn if the product and service they are paying for will finally become stable. Gigantic difference.

Can you put me on the list as well?

Looks like we sent you the emails, check your spam folder!

Do you have an active subscription? I think we only sent this one to active susbcribers – I’ll double check.

Hrmm, nothing in spam? It says sent on our end.


Nothing in spam, yes it’s activr sub but it’s not the same email as forum. I dm you the email.

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I also received email 1 but not 2. And I checked the spam folder and it is empty. Can you help me please?

I’ve received email 1 & 2 but not 3 today, any chance of sending it to me? Thanks

I think it has not been send yet. I know I am on the mailing list, and I have not received anything yet.

Likewise, I have not received any marketing emails from Roon in my inbox or junk folder.

Strange! It’s marked as sent in our email automation tool. If you’re using Gmail, it might have also been bundled up in the “Promotions” tab.

To make sure we don’t hit the Promotions tab in the future, move that email to the “Primary” tab. You can also add contact@roonlabs.com to your contacts list for good measure.

We’ve got a pretty massive list that takes a lot of time to chug through – you’ll have it later today.

You were affected by this:

@kevin thanks Kevin! I received the email 3 today, no signs of email 2 anywhere in Gmail. Thank you!!!


Did not receive any email today. Checked my spam very carefully.

Today’s Roon mail came into my mailbox at 21:14 CET.

They don’t land in everyone’s inbox at the same time – they get queued up and sent over many hours, hang tight!

I will hang tight in my bed. Hopefully it is strong enough.

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