I'm not sure if Roon server is installed in the correct drive

I’m using a QNAP TVS 471. I followed the instructions for using the qnap as a stand alone server and using the remote to access music. I cant tell if the roon server is installed in the 1st bay(SSD drive) or 2nd the drive with the music files. can you help me identify is location and relocate it if its in the wrong spot?

The database is always installed on the share “RoonServer”. You can check on which Volume this is stored by checking the “shared Folders” settings in the QTS:

In the screenshot you see the shared folder “RoonServer”. This is located on an USB connected SSD. I created a second share “RoonServer2” to show the difference on the internal volume. Here you see the location “DataVol1”.

There is another application on the QNAP Application called “Storage Manager”. It can show on what bays the volumes are stored:

If you are referring to the actual qpkg destination volume, I can’t answer that for sure as I only have 1 volume installed on my qnap. But you can remove the app and reinstall RoonServer without loosing any data. All RoonServer related data is stored in the RoonServer shared folder and remain there when (un)installing RoonServer.
When installing a qpkg on a qnap with multiple volumes there should be a window appearing asking you for the destination volume (according to qnap).

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