I'm setting up a second streamer using Roon Nucleus

The RN will stream to my Mytek Brooklyn+ in my main system, will the sound quality be noticably better than that of my Mac Mini-based system?

I know I need a hard ethernet connection for the RN and I expect to use my Mac Mini system for the second streamer. Do I use the WiFi connection for the Mac as I am doing now or is there a better way to connect?

The ad for RN says it can stream to multiple locations simultaneously, it doesn’t say how those streams are transmitted?

In spite of what some people have convinced themselves of, the Roon company has never advertised the Nucleus as an improvement in SQ.

If it’s possible, one should always connect via Ethenet. If your WiFI was good enough to run Core, then it will be good enough for an endpoint.

Where are your music files located? If they are on the Mac then the Nucleus is fetching them to your new Core and then sending them back to the Mac when it’s an endpoint…That might stress your WiFi.

This won’t show up as poor SQ, but might incur dropouts, etc.

Streams are transmitted according to how the particular endpoint is connected to the network.

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I would not expect an SQ difference between the RN and the mini core devices.

WiFi for the mini endpoint should be fine as long as your network has a good signal to the location. I prefer Ethernet if the option is available but wifi works very well.

Roon will simultaneously stream to any capable device zone it detects on your local network, ethernet/wifi. Roon sends the signals to the router and the router handles the traffic from there. Then you have the local connections, USB and/or HDMI.

Basically what Slim said. Didn’t see his response while I was typing.

My source is Qobuz, I don’t use any files.
So to connect via ethernet I run an ethernet cable from router to RN then one from RN to Mac or does the RN run it back to the router which sends it via WiFi to the Mac?

Thanks to both of you, now I get it

Connect both Nucleus and Mac to router.

Don’t connect Nucleus directly to Mac. That’s not how Ethernet works.