I'm still confused on the deleting tracks from NAS

I will delete an album located on a NAS (watched folder) via the Roon UI which shows the delete tracks screen but then, even after a force rescan and the directory is gone, the album will still remain in the library. Occasionally, it will still play which makes me crazy, but most of the time, the album art remains in the album section.

Is this a defect that’s being worked or, more likely, am I not understanding the details of how content is managed?

When I delete mine, they are gone. Qnap TVS471

Check the user rights on the NAS for the folder

Yip, it’s definitely a file permissions issue and nothing at all to do with Roon.

What settings should the folder on the NAS have? Currently read/write are enabled.

NAS is Synology

Make sure the share is r/w and that the file permissions of the underlying files are also r/w and not just to the owner.

I enabled the R/W permissions to folders and files contained within top level directories but the checkboxes reverted back to unchecked after inspection.

May be something wrong with the NAS itself?

I’m pretty sure nothing is wrong with the NAS.

So you’re saying that even after deleting the files it still is being played by Roon?

Then I can only conclude that the files somehow are still available on the NAS.
Are you sure you there isn’t a recycle bin directory part of the watched folder for example?

You may have a point about the recycle bins. I have them emptying on a schedule but I should go in and empty them after I perform any changes in Roon.

This could be the issue!

I think the recommendations resolved the issue.

Thanks much to you guys.