I'm unable to find one of my network players on Windows and IOS app

I’m brand new to Roon today. I have two NAD C399’s on my network, I have been streaming to both players for several months using Bluos and Tidal C up until today. After installation and setup I can only find one of my players on the Roon Apps. I can see and play both players on Bluos and Tidal. Been working on this for a day, could use some advice please.

Core is on Lenovo laptop Wind 10
ios app on iphone 13 pro
no music files on laptop
Streaming on Roon on one player just fine

Thank You

@Philip_Mizuno, welcome to the Community. A few quick questions:

  1. Is your second 399 available to you in Roon’s Audio Settings, and can it be enabled, or does it not appear at all?

  2. Is there any setting you need to activate on the second 399 in BluOS so Roon sees it?

  3. Are the IP addresses of both 399s similar in that the first three numbers (e.g., 192.168.1.a) are identical?

  4. Have you rebooted everything (router, Win10 Roon Server PC, both 399s)?

  1. I’m not to sure which “audio” settings in roon you are referring to. I cannot find the 2nd 399 at all in roon. I’ve been discovering a lot about roon “settings” today.

  2. There are no settings I know of that I can alter or activate regarding 399s presence on my network

  3. The IP addresses of the 399 I can see on roon is: and the 399 I can’t see is:

  4. I rebooted everything, can’t find the 2nd 399, both tidal and Bluos can find and operate both 399s.


It appears both of the 399s are on the same network which is good.

If you go into Roon’s Settings → Audio, are both 399s visible, or only the one to which you can play?

Also, is the BluOS firmware up to date and identical on both 399s?

Ok, I got it. I just had to Enable the device, It looked like to me both were enabled but only one was. Both streamers are working fine.

May I ask you some advice? I’m trying out roon/free as I am considering acquiring an Auralic Aries G1.1 (server/streamer only, no dac) and a Denifrips Yggdrasil+. Roon will give me just one UI for the Auralic and C399s. I’m also considering buying the NAD M66 Bluos Preamp and staying on Bluos. I’m not one to be upgrading equipment every year, but I am serious about my equipment. Any sage advice for a Roonie Newbie?

Thank You for your help.

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Glad to see you are running with both 399s now. I am a fan, but not a current customer, of BluOS, and believe both using it natively and with it being Roon Ready is a strong option.

I am of the sort to use a simple PC/Mac, etc. for a Roon Server as I don’t believe the server itself imparts any sound of uniqueness to Roon (others may disagree). Computers running Roon can be inexpensive and managed well, but again, that is for me and my environment.

The importance of Roon is in the consistent interface across all devices, its metadata, its ability to synchronize streams across multiple endpoints, and the audio customization settings via PEQ and convolution filters.

You may want to post a thread in the Roon Software Discussion category where others with similar equipment can provide their insights.

Ah the filters, I will try them. Bluos devices like the M66 have DiracLive and I have worked with my c399s a lot with various filters with good results. I got more potent amps for them as I decided Class D was not for this old timer.

I’ll go ask the Roon community, again thanks for the warm welcome.

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