iMac Core updated to 1.7 Experiencing Skipping

I, too, am experiencing this issue since 1.7 update. Streaming Qobuz tracks randomly skip to next track when playing on 2 different endpoints from Roon Core on sonicTransporter-AP connected directly to Orbi router: 1) iMac (10.15.1) to Schitt Modi 3 USB DAC; 2) Sonore ultraRendu to Mytek Brooklyn USB DAC. Both endpoints connected to network via CAT 6. No DSP.

Hi @wkimbel87

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this behavior, can I please request the following information so that we can better understand the issue?

  1. How often are you seeing this behavior? Is it once an hour, once a day, more/less? Does it seem to happen with specific content? What was the exact time this last happened?
  2. What are the specifications on your iMac Roon Core (CPU/RAM)?
  3. What is your internet connection download/upload speed? You can check this on
  4. What is the exact failure state - Does Roon fail to complete the song mid-way? Does this issue ever occur at the start of the track?
  5. Does logging in and out of Qobuz/TIDAL have any effect?

Once again apologies for the frustrations here, please let me know the above details when possible for our investigation. Thank you.

Hi @nathan2.
Please note that my core is not on the iMac. As noted, it is on a SGC sonicTransporter-AP, where it has been for several years now.

I see this behavior on 1 or 2 tracks on each album I stream from Qobuz, and not (so far) on the same tracks when I play them again.

Typically it occurs more than half-way through the track (skipping to the next track).

I’ve got plenty of bandwidth (170 mbps download; 22 mbps upload).

I have logged out and back in into Qobuz but have not had a chance to check whether this makes a difference or not. I will report to you soon.


@nathan2 - Logged in and out of Qobuz but the skipping reoccurred after playing a whole album plus random tracks from different albums without any problem. On repeat play, the track did not skip a second time but played through to end and then on to next track. It seems to be a very random, occasional but persistent issue.

Here is what Roon Server Log shows:

11/24 22:52:52 Trace: [UltraRendu] [Lossless, 24/96 QOBUZ FLAC => 24/96] [54% buf] [PLAYING @ 0:06/5:14] The Late Show - Jackson Browne
11/24 22:52:57 Trace: [UltraRendu] [Lossless, 24/96 QOBUZ FLAC => 24/96] [PLAYING @ 0:11/5:14] The Late Show - Jackson Browne
11/24 22:52:57 Trace: [prebuffer] ready 326400/960000 (34%) @ 0/188 sec
11/24 22:52:58 Trace: [UltraRendu] [zoneplayer/raat] sync ultraRendu: realtime=3195714997916 rtt=500us offset=-518965002us delta=491us drift=-2115us in 333.7205s (-6.340ppm, -22.823ms/hr)
11/24 22:53:02 Debug: [smc] [zoneplayer:9] Removing ordinal 21
11/24 22:53:02 Debug: [smc] [zoneplayer:9] Ordinal 22 is good to go
11/24 22:53:02 Debug: [easyhttp] POST to
11/24 22:53:02 Info: [zone UltraRendu] OnPlayFeedback OnToNext
11/24 22:53:02 Debug: [zone UltraRendu] _Advance
11/24 22:53:02 Info: [library] recorded play for profile 2179fc47-b5d5-4c55-9a4a-694720cf211e: mediaid=50:1:242e37e1-2965-445c-b504-3ea3b6a7a6cc metadataid= contentid=202:0:18133876 libraryid=50:1:242e37e1-2965-445c-b504-3ea3b6a7a6cc isfromswim=False
11/24 22:53:02 Trace: [library] finished with 165 dirty tracks 10 dirty albums 25 dirty performers 59 dirty works 77 dirty performances 0 clumping tracks, 0 clumping auxfiles 0 compute tracks, 0 deleted tracks, 0 tracks to (re)load, 0 tracks to retain, 0 auxfiles to (re)load, 0 auxfiles to retain, and 171 changed objects
11/24 22:53:02 Trace: [UltraRendu] [Lossless, 24/96 QOBUZ FLAC => 24/96] [PLAYING @ 0:00/3:08] The Road and the Sky - Jackson Browne

Thanks for the update, @wkimbel87!

As a test, can you try lowering the quality of Qobuz in Roon temporarily? Is there any change when doing so?

@dylan–After limiting Qobuz to 16/44, I streamed several albums over about 90 minutes without any skipping.

NB. This was in Build 500. Now with Build 505 installed, we’ll see…

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