iMac optical out

i use my imac 512gb ssd late 2013 as roon core and endpoint into my chord mscaler. The advice is to separate the endpoint from the core but if i use optical out from the imac (which is galvanically isolated) is there any need to separate the imac from the mscaler? i use word and light surfing while using roon and cpu usage is very low. thanks mk. @support

You should be OK with the optical out just note that its limited to 24/96 most likely and no DSD etc

Hello @musickid,

You should be fine using the optical output to play to your Chord M-Scaler. As @wizardofoz mentioned, you may be limited to 24/96kHz playback to the M-Scaler using this method.


Yeah only the late 2014 model can do 24/192 optical output. Running that into Hugo 2. Maybe on day will pickup an mscaler.

More than just that model:

Thanks. I only mentioned that since that was only Mac mini model. Weird that they removed optical out of latest models.

I think on the global scale, we’re the weird ones with our fancy DACs.

The majority are using wireless now and losing optical frees up PCB space… space is a premium.

But yeah I’m one of the weird ones that wishes they kept it too.

At least with the cord dacs, optical sounds better. Just a little more natural.

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