Image dragging does not work anymore as off build 262 [Resolved]

Before build 262 I could drag images into i.e. an artist or album (path … / Edit / Edit Album / Add Image).
Now nothing happens.

I’m using OS Sierra / 10.12.6.

For comparison, I just tried adding an artist image via dragging on a Windows 10 PC, and it worked fine.

Hi @Paulb ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Both are very appreciated!

Moving forward, I ran a quick sanity check in house with a Macbook Air (Sierra 10.12) and have seen some inconsistent results. When I launched the “new core” machine, I noticed the same behavior you have reported but after doing a reboot, I am not having any troubles. Can you confirm if you make the same observation, after rebooting the mentioned device?


hi @Eric, thanks for the quick reply!

Well, rebooted two Mac’s, checked, and yes, I can confirm on both it’s working flawlessly.


Awesome, thanks for the follow up @Paulb!

Happy listening!