Image for internet radio

Image for internet radio. I’m on a trial of roon having recently bought a new music server. I am in the uk and have set up a link for bbc 3 radio - this works fine. On my tablet, using chrome, I navigate to a suitable logo image, copy the url to the clipboard but when I try to paste-from-clipboard when editing the the link I always get a failed message.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I can’t be the only person that’s had a problem with this.

Any information appreciated.


It is doable… but you may need a PC or Mac. This how Roon looks for me on my iPad Pro

Thanks for the response Chris. Any chance you could post the radio 3 image url you have.


Make sure you are copying the correct URL and not one from Google images. If the URL is correct, you will see the image appear immediately. Otherwise, you get the error. Alternatively, save the image to an iCloud folder and then browse to this location.

Try this example with the following image URL:

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Thanks Martin. The url you posted works. But I have tried a few other curls which don’t work. I don’t use web storage - maybe I should.



Using Chrome for iOS, have you tried Open Image in New Tab? You can then copy the correct URL from the browser window and paste into Roon.

Yes. Thanks Martin.

I just found this one

And this works. I note the the url you posted was to a jpg as is the one above. So, maybe roon only accepts certain types of image files.

Anyway, this one will do fine. Thanks for you help.



I think Roon accepts JPEG, PNG and possibly SVG but not GIF.