Image zip file issue

Hi Guys, newbie here, I am trying to setup ROCK on a new NUC 8i5BEH but I am stumbling at the first hurdle. My Win10 Desktop is automatically unzipping the file (opening in Open any file) - the instructions say not to unzip. I have tried a google search but I don’t seem to be getting any joy there.
Feel like a numpty

Hello @Roger_Cawsey, is this the .img.gz file? It should still be there in your download directory. If windows has opened it with some program just ignore options to extract and close the program. If you’ve got extracted/uncompressed files you can ignore them for the time being and delete them later.

PS I assume you are using this guide

Hi Brian, Thanks for your prompt response. yes, following that guide but as I said it unzips automatically and just the unzipped file appears in Downloads. I have not been able to find the the zipped folder in Downloads. I have downloaded zip files with out issue in the past.
Just tried it with my laptop and it works fine so now I have the zipped file.

Wonderful windows…
Glad you’re sorted. If you have any more questions, please ask - fhe forum is happy to help.

We recommend leaving it compressed to avoid wasting time or hassle, but Etcher will autodetect the compressed file and uncompress it if needed.