Images don’t load on Knowledge Base

Description of Issue

Embedded images on Knowledge Base articles don’t seem to load, the image URLs give 403 error on Google where they’re apparently hosted.

E,g, on this page:

It looks like you are using IPV6 for your lookups.
I would ensure that IPV6 is setup properly or entirely disabled.
It likes to cause problems.

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I’m not using IPv6 in my network, yet I’m not seeing the images on some pages (e.g. the Genres page) in the Help Center either…

I need to read who replies as well sometimes.

I can not speak to that, I would guess that a different issue.

The above image is using IPv6 as the Client IP shows.

Well it’s same exact situation with IPv4 as well, so….

Thank you.
I will wait to see what support says now too.

Hey @mnp75 thanks for bringing this up! I am also seeing the same on my end. I’ve alerted my team so that we can update the images in the link you provided.

:pray:t3: Let us know if you have any other questions!


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