Images for some artists reliably not appearing in displays #2

Roon Core Machine



Networking Gear & Setup Details

The problem occurs on a display connected via a Chromecast 4k. The Chromecast is connected to a Netgear WAX214 - AX1800 access point. The access point and Core machine are connected by ethernet.

Connected Audio Devices

There three grouped audio devices connected over WiFi, ethernet, and powerline: they are all working fine.

Number of Tracks in Library

660 artists, 1,673 albums, 24,933 tracks

Description of Issue

This is a follow-up to:

Hi @beka , I’ve done some more investigation: please see Dropbox - Images for some artists reliably not appearing in displays.mp4 - Simplify your life

The playlist shows that the images for some artists reliably do not display on the Chromecast display but they do on the iPad (and on the Core). The image for kd lang now does display, though it did not when I opened the other issue in December.

Thanks for your help.

Hey @Barry_Skingle,

Thanks for the comprehensive post and illustrating video. What we’re seeing points to a possible time out when images are downloaded. We’d know for sure if we could take a look at your logs.

Would you please go through the process in the video and write down the approximate local date and time. After that, would you please grab a set of logs, zip up the entire folder and upload it to our drive?

Many thanks :pray:

Done, @beka, starting at 17:25 UK.

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Thanks, @Barry_Skingle. I appreciate the time stamp and logs.

I’ve passed them on to our technical team and I’ll follow up as soon as I hear back :nerd_face:

Hey @Barry_Skingle,

Thanks for your patience :pray:

The logs weren’t conclusive enough to allow us to offer suggestions :pensive: . All we see are invalid requests.

On another thread you mentioned you can reproduce the same error on Chrome (as a Web Display) with the Core on MacOS. We’d love to take a look at that as well in the hopes that it will tell us more about what’s causing this.

Would you be able to reproduce the behavior in that context? If so, would you please:

  • restart the Mac Core
  • take the steps to reproduce the behavior
  • share with us the timestamps
  • and the zipped up logs folder (drive is here)

Thanks yet again :pray:

Done, @beka :white_check_mark:.

Same playlist, same behaviour. Start time is 16:21 UK.

Hi @beka is there an update on this, please?

I’m having a similar problem running Monterey 12.2.1

Metadata is continuously trying to update album artwork on the main album page. About 50% of the albums are showing normally, the rest are showing a blank grey disc. There is a continually spinning wheel at the top of the page showing that the metadata is attempting to update but not achieving that. I have the latest software versions installed on all my devices (MacBook and iPad) and I have the same problem on both devices.

There is a continuously spinning wheel to the left of “Adding music to library” and the “Metadata improver” item says “Paused”

The music plays normally, but its frustrating not to be able to identify albums by their artwork.

Hopefully there’s an update on the way to sort this out.


A new software update just arrived for my Roon Core (Innuos Zenith) which has solved the above problem.

All back to normal!!


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Hey @Barry_Skingle,

Thanks a lot for your patience :pray:

I wonder, did the latest update help you as it did @Kevin_Ineson ?

Hi @beka, same playlist, same behaviour with one difference: the fourth track now does display the Roon image of Steppenwolf and does not remember my local image. When I add back a new local image, it does display. But when I select the Roon image for Eddie and the Hot Rods, still no image is displayed.

Hi @beka, is there any update, please?

Hey @Barry_Skingle,

Thanks for following up on this :pray:t2:. Please, allow me to circle back to our technical team and see if I have updates to share :nerd_face:

Hey @Barry_Skingle ,

We have some changes coming for the Chromecast display area in our next release, if you still see this issue after it is published, let’s please circle back once you’ve been able to confirm the issue is still actual following the update, thank you.

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Hi, @noris. Sadly, I can confirm the problem persists:

Hey @Barry_Skingle,

We’re grateful for the update. Please, allow me to circle back with our technical team and find out what the next steps might be :nerd_face:

Hey @Barry_Skingle,

Many thanks for your patience :pray:

Our team has followed up and there is one more question that would help knowing the answer to:
does this behavior happen on other Chromecast devices? What if you have a web display?

Thanks :pray:

Hi, @beka. I have an example now where I’ve crushed down the artist’s picture. The Chrome display does not display the full-resolution picture:

But does display the crushed version of the same picture:

This is something that changed a few Roon versions back.

Thanks for your continuing help with this.

Hey @Barry_Skingle,

Thanks for the additional example :pray:

What would really help our team move this forward is knowing:

  1. If you see this behavior on a web display
  2. If you have any other Chromecast devices, does it happen on that device?

@beka, the experiment above was on Google Chrome running on the Mac Studio Roon Core. The behaviour on Chrome and Chromecast is the same.

Thank you.

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