Images for some artists reliably not appearing in displays

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

The problem occurs over WiFi to Chromecast 4k but also to Chrome on Mac OS running on the core machine.

Connected Audio Devices

This problem occurs on displays regardless of the connected audio device (which are all working fine).

Number of Tracks in Library

660 artists, 1,673 albums, 24,933 tracks

Description of Issue

Something has changed recently and now images do not display for approximately half of artists. The problem is specific to artists, for example, k.d. lang does not display whereas Kate Bush does. These are all local images, not Roon images. The problem is not with the image itself: swapping images means the image of k.d. lang appears against Kate Bush, whilst the image of Kate Bush does not display against k.d. lang. The problem is consistent across artist and compilation albums: the image for Kate Bush always appears whilst the image for k.d. lang never does. All artist images display reliably on the Core Machine, iPad and iPhone.

Ping for Support.

Hey @Barry_Skingle,

Thanks for explaining this clearly what the issue is and for your patience while we got a chance to reply (thanks for following up).

What I failed to understand was whether on your Roon Core, the Mac, the artist images are displayed, and it is only on the Chromecast device that they don’t show up? What about Chrome? Am I right in assuming that images are not showing up only when using the Display function?

Hi @beka, thank you for following up. I’ve just retested, and the problem is no longer occurring. Let me test some more over the next few days.

Thanks again.

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