Images load slowly or not at all on display and volume issude

Hi @spockfish Harry, I have the latest Ropieee on a pi3b + and screen acting as a remote only for one zone. Its using the inbuilt WiFi on 5ghz wavelength so it has a very solid connection to the access point which is in the same room. I have noticed that the now playing screen often seems to not refresh the image and it’s blank. It sometime will appear after a while or if I actually change the display layout to the alternative version it shows up. Any ideas on what might cause this.

Also the volume control doesn’t function. This may be normal behaviour but want to check. The endpoint it’s controlling is a nuc and RME ADI 2 DAC. Essentially the volume is fixed so would not vary but Ropieee displays it as 0db which I assume is full scale so is fixed volume in this case. But I am not using the devices volume in Roon I am using an extension called Deep Harmony so the volume control in Roon app is using this so it’s allows Roon to control the harmony hub to change volume by IR on the DAC. Is there anyway to get this to work as I would love to be able to alter the volume on the display and it trigger this.

Hi @CrystalGipsy,

The slow loading of images… I would say, try a reboot of your Roon core. Because if it times out, the UI is not showing the cover art.

The second remark about volume control… that’s is going to be difficult. We’re talking about 2 seperate solutions to control volume and neither one of them is aware of the other.

As the Deep Harmony code is available I’ll have a look what it is exactly doing…

regards Harry

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Core hasn’t been up very long at all. Next time it does it will give that a go.