Immersive Engineering and 5.1

There is an interview of Alan Parsons by Steve Wilson (Tears for Fears) about the state of music listening today. Parsons (Darkside of the Moon, Abbey Road, etc) laments that the 5.1 sound which he re-edits has not caught traction with listeners. He leans toward believing/hoping that the vinyl renaissance indicates that there are increasing number of buyers learning how to listen to music.

Is there a 5.1 vinyl system?

The YouTube discussion? It was quite interesting.


Vinyl is so immersive it may as well be dontcha know.

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They were referring to the CDs with 5.1. An example is the 5.1 mix of Darkside of the Moon

I also wish multichannel music had caught on more. I really enjoy a good multichannel mix. :+1:

I wish it had caught on more with my significant other. 2 channel it is then.