Impact of dropping or changing Service on existing playlists

Newbie question about future-proofing playlists. What happens to playlists that include both Qobuz and Tidal tracks if I drop one of the services (or one of the services is no longer available)? Are the tracks lost? Will Roon look for the tracks on the other service? Am I better sticking to one service? Or if I only subscribe to one Service and then change to another service, are my playlists recreated from the new service?

Unfortunately the listed tracks will be unavailable. I know because I just switched from TIDAL to Qobuz.

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Interesting. Thanks for the heads up! I guess I should choose my service wisely before building extensive playlists. I wonder if Roon could offer a feature to “rebuild playlist” from currently connected services? I suspect that longterm, the services list will change from the current two offerings.

I’ve used Soundiiz to convert between multiple services. Roon playlists can be exported to csv and imported into Soundiiz and made into any service you have. - try the free version as I find it does nearly everything I need though I have licensed it a month at a time when I bulk transfer to perform.

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Larry, Thanks. Good to know there is a work around. It would be nice if there was an elegant solution within Roon. For now, I think I’ll stick with using only Qobuz and hope neither Roon or Qobuz gives me reason to jump from either service. Still new to both, but I see extraordinary potential in Roon. As a kid in the '60s, my friends and I would spend hours in record stores flipping through albums, reading the jackets, trying to decide which album or two to spend on. Roon is like winning the lottery, a luxury absolutely unimaginable in my youth.

It absolutely is a treasure trove of effectively unlimited music. Keep that in mind as you inevitably discover Roon warts.

I’ve used Tidal for a number of years and subscribed to Qobuz for about 6 months but found it lacking in some genres I prefer and I’m not a huge listener of jazz or classical.

Soundiiz makes it trivial to switch between them so keep it in mind or any other services like Spotify with their system generated playlists that can be quite good.

Larry, I’m good with Roon’s warts so far. It is a very ambitious SAAS and that comes at a performance cost as Roon figures out its path forward. Curious, is there a way to limit searches and/or Roon Radio to just one service (only Qobuz or only Tidal)? I can’t figure out why it “chooses” one or the other? If I want it to “pull” from only one or the other, I don’t see how to do that. Similarly, is there a way to filter out Tidal’s MQA? I don’t have the hardware and have no interest in it. Thanks for your patience with my questions. I have read a lot online, but I’m still full of practical questions about implementing service effectively.

I’ve found the best way to ‘fix’ it to one service or the other is in Settings, Services, and simply disable one or the other. This will keep all the albums/playlists intact in the database but otherwise not use the service.

Most find that Tidal will win out when Roon Radio is picking tracks. Roon hasn’t disclosed why this occurs.

Likewise, in Settings, Services, Tidal set it to HiFi instead of Masters and it will use CD instead of MQA unless a CD version is no longer there it will use MQA so best to keep the MQA decoder support enabled in the zone settings - I believe this is enabled by default so no need to search it out right now.

I also don’t have MQA hardware and most of it sounds a bit off to me. No worries with the questions, happy to help a bit.

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