Implement the "start button" in Roon app for Roon server when running on the same machine

Have repeatedly experienced the issue referred to in the first post here: Starting Roon Server (Mac)

For some reason I find that Roon is behaving badly and, having relaunched the app, figure the way forward is to relaunch the server. So I select “quit server” from the menubar icon (OSX) and it quits, taking the menubar icon with it. Now I launch the Roon app. All I see are messages saying that it’s looking for the server. But there is no “start server” button anywhere. In fact the first time this happened I had to google to find the above post, then unpackage the roon app in the application folder to find the roon server app. As the original poster points out that’s neither intuitive nor practical. Surely Roon can tell that it’s searching for a server on the local machine? And therefore display the aforementioned “Start Server” button next to the “looking for server” messages? Or even just start the server all by itself?!