Import album information from TIDAL to Local Library

I found TIDAL have more album from same artist than AMG, like this Ning Feng album 3 years ago, still no hit from AMG, while Tidal have it, can next version adding import data from Tidal while not available for AMG???

I don’t quite understand your request. In your first screen shots, you see the Tidal metadata, which is in Roon. Admittedly it is very poor metadata like all of Tidal’s, but at least it’s there.

What do you need which you don’t already have?

@jeremiah @mike is the album and Rovi could do with a prod to give it metadata.

Roon can’t find this title…

My request is if the metadata not available from AMG, can import from TIDAL instead?

OK, you have this album in your own library, but roon cannot find metadata for it and you would like to use the metadata from TIDAL instead?

I don’t think that this is possible.

You could edited the tags in you files and include all data you can find an roon will display this. Not perfect but an option.

I think if Roon can get more results from AMG than the situation can be better …