Import art from file not working


Roon server installed on my NAS Synology, then the app is on my wiondows machine.
From the app, in settings → library → import settings, all is set to "Prefer file"

But none of the album artist are taken from file.
When I try to edit the Artist, by default under the photo, “Prefer Roon” is selected, which is not what I want.

Note: I managed my library metadata with foobar2000

Thanks for your help.
Best Regards.

Hello @Sylvain_Fauve and welcome to the forum.

Artists (as the entity object whose content you are seeing in the artist browser or when you click on names) are not imported from files - only album and track data is imported from your files. You can currently overwrite an artists picture with a picture supplied by yourself, but there is no other default than “Prefer Roon”.

Hello @BlackJack

Thanks for you reply and welcome.
I knew the workaround you mentioned, but the purpose of my post, is to implement the missing option.
To me it’s a “mandatory” option to have for an power software like Roon.

Also manually adding a picture (one by one), for hundreds of artists…


Then you should post it in the feature suggestions section of the forum (or edit the section of this thread on top).
It seems to me that your thread title “Import art from file not working” is wrong or at least a bad description of your wish.

Roon already ads artist pictures automatically (where available) - just not from your files.

It’s not a workaround, it’s how Roon currently works.

My main issue, is that in my case, Roon find only about 1/8 of the artist pictures :expressionless:

Maybe it’s due to the way meta data were edited… (?)

And you’re right I’ll request the feature, in the proper place.
I thought the Album Artist “Prefer File” option was link to the Artist… but it’s the album préférence …
My bad ! :pray: