Import Artist art from file not working


Roon Core (20211105): installed on Synology DS1821+ (DSM 7.0.1-42218)
Roon app (latest): installed on wiondows 11.

From the app, in settings → library → import settings, all is set to "Prefer file"

But none of the Album Artist art are taken from file.
When I try to edit the Artist, by default under the photo, “Prefer Roon” is selected, which is not what I want.

Note: I managed my library metadata with foobar2000 (if for some reason it’s affect this behavior)

Thanks for your help.
Best Regards.

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Hi @Sylvain_Fauve,

Our apologies for the delay getting to your report, we’re sorry to hear about your troubles here.

It sounds like what you’re seeing regarding Album Artist may pertain to the artist images, not your album art itself. Sorry for the confusion there.

When you change your library metadata preferences you’ll want to go to Settings>Storage>and click the ellipsis next to your storage location then select Rescan. That will reprocess your local files and allow the changes you’ve indicated to take effect.

Please remember that ‘Prefer file’ is just that, a preference. If there are issues with the image itself or if it’s an incompatible image format Roon will use it’s own image if it can identify your album.

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