Import convolution filters using iPad [Answered - Need Roon Remote for Mac/Win]

How do I do this?
It can’t be right that this is not possible!
I’m using an iPad as remote.

The same way as with any system: by browsing to the filters via DSP Engine > Convolution > Browse…

Where do you get stuck?

When I hit browse it says:
Adding convoltion filters is not yet supported on this platform. To set up a convoltion filter, open roon on Windows or Mac OS

I see you added this little line to your first post… :wink:

You cannot upload these files via iPad (at least not yet – it has no suitable filesystem to browse). The message basically says it all: you’ll need to use Roon (Remote) on Mac or Windows to browse to and upload the filters.

Not related to ROCK though.

How do I download Roon Remote for Windows?

Roon Remote is just Roon setup as a client to a Roon Server

Got it!..

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Just one more question:
Where should I store the zip file, on my usb drive or on the ssd in the NUC?

Anywhere on your local system will be fine: once you’ve browsed to it, Roon will transport the file(s) to the correct location on your Core