Import hogs cpu, never terminates

I recently upgraded Roon to 1.1 build 70 and this has kicked off a new import process. (Note that I have not added any new albums in quite some time.) Roon ran for 3 solid days before I killed it, with very high cpu load the entire time. Relaunching Roon seems to resume the process, so cpu is always at close to 95% white using Roon.

Info on my system:
41,510 tracks in library
Mac Mini 2010- 2.4Ghz core 2 duo, 16GB memory
El Capitan 10.11.1

Hi Warren,

It sounds like it’s hanging during the re-scan; can you click the spinning circle to see the progress indicator and then post a screen shot of it on here.

If it is hanging then I suspect @mike will want to get a copy of the Roon logs, to track down why.

Hey @warrensomebody – sorry for the trouble here. The reasons for the re-scanning behavior we’re discussed in these release notes.

We have seen a few cases lately where our file scanner is getting stuck on files that are particularly corrupt – it might be worth searching your music folder for files that are tiny, like less than 5k.

We can also usually get a sense of what’s going on by looking over your logs. If you’d prefer to go that route, I can definitely help – just send me a PM.


I emailed the logs over

Got it, thanks. Can you confirm you’re running the latest versions of iTunes?

Also, assuming you’re intending to import your iTunes library, can you make a change to your iTunes library (any change, like creating a new playlist), then confirm the modification time is changing for this file:

/Users/warren/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library.xml

If you’re not seeing the file there, or if it’s not being updated as you make changes in iTunes, give this post a read and let me know if you’re still stuck.

I see a few files that could be causing some issues, but let’s confirm the iTunes setup is working properly first, and go from there. Thanks!