Import in Roon Database: automatic delay


I have a new MusicServer called Purist. This is a Win7 based machine. The music files are stored on the hard disk of the Purist. The path of the hard disk with the music files I inserted in Roon. Now my problem:

Purist stores the music files in directories which are named with hex-codes. The reason is not to have trouble with maximum character account of Windows especially for classic music. This hex-codes cause problems with the Roon-import, because if Roon starts the import process before the metadata of the music files were stored in the flac-files by the Purist on the hard disk the result of the import process in Roon is not really good (wrong track numbers or e.g. several cd-numbers, …).

If I disable the Purist-path in the settings of Roon before I start the ripping process and afterwards enable the import-path again, the import-results of Roon are perfect.

Now my question: Is there a possibility or a setting in Roon so that I am not forced to switch the import button in Roon manually? I am thinking about a time-delay for the import, if Roon notice a new music file or something else.

Are you ripping directly to the Roon folder ? If so, I’d suggest ripping to a temporary unwatched folder first and then adding the completed FLAC files to the watched folder.

If you’re not ripping can you explain what process is occurring whereby the FLAC file is changing over time ?

thanks Andrew. Yes I am ripping directly in the Roon folder. There is no possibility with the Purist to use another folder for ripping. My assumption is that Purist during the ripping process writes the FLAC file on the hard disk and because of the ripping process for a master rip lasts for ca. 15 minutes following could happen:

  • one or two files e.g. are completely ripped and the Roon import is ok (perhaps the track numbers are not the right ones, because the CD-rip is not yet completed)

  • for the next ROON-import cycles it could happen that the next FLAC files were imported and a new album in Roon was created and for e.g. name of the album is a hex code

If I disable the monitoring of the music directory before I start the ripping process and enable it after finishing the ripping process the import by Roon is fine. That is why I assume that the bad imports a caused by the hex-codes of the directories and the fact that the import by Roon starts before the ripping process of a cd is finished.

Unfortunately I am not really a tech guy so I am not able to describe how (and whether) the FLAC file is changing over the time during the ripping process. I only assume that without the correct meta data of all files Roon is not able to import the music files error-free. Because of the usage of the hex-codes for the directory names of the Purist these meta data are apparently mandatory for a correct import process by Roon.

But while I am writing these lines, I assume that for Roon it will be impossible to recognize the end of a ripping process done by the Purist. So the only chance for me probably will be to disable the folder monitoring manually before starting a ripping process.

What about the other way around. Setup a different folder for Roon to watch and copy the music from the Purist folder to the watched folder after the ripping is done.

In general this would work, but is in my case not really applicable. The Purist has it´ s own database and it´ s own player. Although I use Roon as the frontend and not the Purist-software I do not want to have 2 music files as sources (one for Roon, one for Purist). The Purist-software I use to take care of the metadata and the source-database itself and from time to time to play (esp. classical, because I am able to search for single instruments for e.g.). I do not want to have 2 different sources which I have to sync.

My solution will be manually disable/enable the autoimport of Roon while ripping.

Can you just shut down your Roon (or Roon Server) core, then do the ripping? Then start a Roon (Roon Server) when you’re finished.

Cheers, Greg

Greg, I think that is another possible solution. I will test it both next weekend. For handling it should be easier only to disable the designated import-path in the settings of Roon before I start the ripping process. This could be done with the control device (iPad) only. When I am finished I will enable the import-path again.
If I want to shut down the server (running on the Purist) I have to start a TeamViewer session because the Purist is headless.

Hi @AlterEgo — Thank you for the feedback and my sincere apologies for the wait here.

I wanted to touch base and see how things are going. Has there been any new progress or observations made here? Let me know if further assistance is required and I will be glad to lend a hand.