Import Issues with FLAC and MP3 files

Core Machine

Intel Celeron 1.5Ghz
Roon Server - 1.8 (790) stable - on NAS SSD

Network Details

ATT Gigapower (1gb up/down)
Ethernet to NAS and Mac

Audio Devices

iMac 2019

Description of Issue

Have several instances of random import issues. Tracks are FLAC and when being imported only the 1st few seconds of the file plays before it skips to the next track. Some tracks are longer than others before they skip.

I disabled all on demand and background analysis of files, and I also installed the user ffmpeg in Roon server to see if that made a different. It didn’t. The files look fine and play fine with VLC so not sure what’s happening on import. The files are being stored on the same NAS.

Any ideas?

Welcome Daniel. While we’re waiting for a member of the Support team to respond to your post, I couldn’t help but notice that your NAS has:

This is below spec for what Roon Labs recommend for Roon Server. Another factor that is likely to cause issue with that CPU is the size of your Library (the total of both local files and content from Tidal/Qobuz).

See this article for more information: