Import Metadata problem

Hello together,

I have now a nucleus, migrated my dB and after that I changed the import settings to use roon as primary source for my medadata (I have 12.000 songs, but 20.000 of them is AAC/257 kb quality, so I want to replace them by Tidal/Qobuz versions after they are identified - by the way: is there an automatic way to do so?). It is a usb 3.0 harddisc that is connected to my nucleus. The analysis progress is still at the beginning after 24 hours (spinning wheel right on the top, and when clicking there it shows the progress bar). What is wrong there? I restartet nucleus already, but the same after that …

Thanks and kind regards


Does it progress at all or does it seem to stall?

It does not progress from that point on …, still the same again since morning when I started it screen-library|300x500

I’ll pulling in @support - they will be able to diagnose this and help you, I’m sure.

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Hey @Markus_Wierl – sorry for the trouble here. So you applied these changes, and the edits have been in progress for over 24 hours? Even after a reboot, is that correct?

And during this time you’re able to play music without issue? No other problems?

Assuming I have that all correct, I’m going to enable diagnostics for your Nucleus, and we’ll make sure we follow up here once you confirm the information above, and we’ve had a chance to analyze your logs.