Import of Harnoncourt's St. Matthew Passion (1970, Teldec) freezes Roon

Several times I’ve imported (via CD ripping internal to SonicTransporter-AP) this 3-disc album, which Roon does not recognize as an integrated set (it appears in Roon as 3 separate albums, only two of which are tagged correctly). When I combine them into one via Edit>Merge Albums and import the correct artwork, the set shows up in my library–but playback immediately freezes the Roon interface (playback continues but the progress bar freezes and other controls in Roon are unresponsive). (I noticed that if I ask Roon to identify the newly aggregated set in Album Editor, it spins indefinitely.) The only fix is to delete the album by removing the files from the music folder on the sT-AP (the delete controls are unresponsive in Roon when this problem occurs) and reboot both the sT-AP and Roon Server. I have tried this with both European and Japanese editions of the set, with the same problems.

This is the only album I’ve had this problem with, and would appreciate any insights. My first guess is that there is some metadata quirk encoded on the CDs that are casing a problem…

My set up:

Roon Core is on sT-AP, serving 1) a desktop system via ethernet to 2014 iMac>Schiit DAC and 2) main system via power line ethernet to microRendu to Wyred 4 Sound USB DAC2.

Hi @wkimbel87 ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles. I’d like to see if we can replicate this behavior in house. Are you able to send me a copy of the content via a dropbox link in a PM?


Eric, thanks, link sent to you via PM.

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